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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Bridgette Winten

Naarm/Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Maple Glider has announced the release of her debut album, To Enjoy is the Only Thing, due out this June! The announcement is accompanied by the release of the singers latest single, Swimming.

The musical project of Tori Zietsch, the musicians latest track was "meant to be a love song, but by the time I finished it, it kind of premeditated a break-up.” The song arrives with an official visual, inspired by black and white horror films and their knack for pairing satirical moments with emotionally evocative themes. Directed by Bridgette Winten, the visual pairs Zietsch with an inanimate skeleton, whilst capturing moments of intimacy, estrangement, confusion, and loneliness.

Speaking of her forthcoming album, Zietsch shares: "This is what the album looks like to me: walking past tinsel covered trees in mid-September, swimming along the calanques in the south of France, car-bonnet frost, darkness at 4pm, lightness until 10pm, a muted feeling, the perpetual grey fog that swallows the Silver Coast, the colour red, this ugly green dress, red wine, red blood, red lips, red is the colour of the cardinal’s robe, Switzerland, my mother’s diaries, a coroner’s report, the sun on my face, the end of love, “To enjoy is the only thing. BTCH$."

Landing in Melbourne in her early 20s, Zietsch partnered up with her childhood friend, producer Daniel Pinkerton, forming the duo Seavera, pairing acoustic guitars and wonky uprights with dramatic electronics. They parted ways soon after releasing an EP in early 2018, with Zietsch moving to the seaside town of Brighton, U.K., where she began working on solo music.

After experiencing falling in and out of love, traveling extensively, writing non-stop, and basking in the lengthy European summer hours, she returned to Melbourne in late 2019 with a SoundCloud account full to capacity of demo uploads, launching the Maple Glider project.

Swimming is out now! Watch the music video below.


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