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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The bands new single, Smoke In The Air, is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Melbourne-based surf-rockers Majak Door have shared their charismatic new single, Smoke In The Air. To celebrate the release, the band have shared their Top 5 Emerging Artists with MILKY!

Produced by Daniel Caswell (Dune Rats, Bad//Dreems, The Living End), frontman Frankie Vakalis shares of the track: The single Smoke in the Air was written during January of 2020, when Melbourne had been engulfed in smoke from the near bushfires. The upcoming album touches on many different areas; nostalgia, friendship, politics, and anything else that crosses the mind of a 20-something-year-old."

Without further adieu, here are Majak Doors's Top 5 Emerging Coming Artists...


This is one of those bands that pops out of the gate and is ready to put on high octane shows from the get-go. Energetic garage surf smashed together with tight lyrics is such a killer combo, and it shows in the way The Terrys’ audience respond to their live shows. The guitars are summery, and the melodies are solid, which always keeps you on your toes. We reckon these guys will kill it on the festival circuit, so rightly shows. We’ll be doing a run of shows with them in Tassie in November; keen!


The Vovos are only in the early part of their music careers, but they’ve already carved out a unique style of music that’s real fun to listen to. It’s raw, garage-punk but it’s light and filled with witty lyrics that are tongue & cheek. Their first long form release Jana features 7 tracks that each have their own story to tell, and the fact that the band tracked everything together live is super refreshing and adds so much charm to the record.


We were told about these guys from some punters who spoke to us after our set in Adelaide, back when we supported Loose Bricks on their tour. We checked them out, and we liked what we heard straight away. It’s got that perfect balance of woozy psych with dreamy guitars, which is right up our alley. Check out Belong off their EP Echoes, it’s the kind of continuous groove that keeps you slowing bopping your head while you sink into it. Loopole will be supporting us on our visit to Adelaide on the 11th of September, along with Imperial Mandarins, and we can’t bloody wait.


Stimpies contain all the necessary ingredients when it comes to indie rock in Australia. It’s cruisey, the drums are punchy, it’s laid-back but at the same time it makes you want to crowd surf. We’ve been meaning to catch these guys live for quite some time, and it feels like now is a better time than ever. Playing music that reinforces that simple of idea of just having a good time is something we try to involve in our live shows, and Stimpies seem to nail it.


Good riffs and good times are being had over at Good Pash HQ. They’ve got a rad variety of tunes to dive into, there’s one that we’re particularly fond of called ‘Delete Me’ which has one of the most playful and fun riffs that your ears will hear, it’s got the kind for energy that makes you visualize the kind of mosh pit you want at your gigs (not the lets-kick-someone-in-the-face kind). Fingers crossed Good Pash are playing a show next time we cruise through Sydney!

Smoke in the Air is out now! Listen to the track below.


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