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The White Room is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Eora/Sydney-based alt-rock quartet Live Like Animals have dropped their new single, The White Room. To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY five things they think you need to know about vocalist Nic Roy's brain.

"'The White Room' is the foundation of the world we are building based on Nic's mind. As the first of six rooms, it delves into Nic's experiences with panic, anxiety, and overthinking. The subsequent track, 'Bleach', is the room of frustration, anger, and the quest for justice, reflecting the ongoing struggles faced by gender-diverse individuals and other minorities in today's society. 'Modern State of Mind' sets the tone as the somewhat-literal elevator music, seamlessly guiding listeners between rooms as they explore various states of mind." keyboardist Brendan Grace shares.


Nic looks after kids as a day job. He thinks it’s important to diversify the field of childcare and continue to inspire the next generation of leaders and artists in a positive way. Nic will always bring his guitar and keyboard into the kid’s play area. He knows it’s important for the kids to be able to explore instruments for their brain development and to find the next potential rock star if inspiration strikes.


Nic grew up in England. He prefers the weather and the nightlife in England compared to Australia. He will always have a very big connection to little things like British pop and rock style and innovation and festival culture. You can hear the inspiration in [Live Like] Animals music.


Nic’s favourite way to unwind is to drive around. It’s very important for his emotional regulation to have time to drive and listen to music, travel to see friends and feel the wind blowing through the car. As a band we dream and plan tours and trips all the time and love playing interstate. We’ll hit the UK soon enough.


Nic loves to cook. His favourite thing to cook is Indian Curries. His favourite curry to make and eat is chicken tikka masala curry. He loves to cook for his mates, and he is a bit of a people pleaser but also shares a love language with giving and providing. As much as he experiments with sounds and structure’s Nic loves to experiment with flavour.


Nic loves TV and cinema. He endeavours to create his own shows from screenplays he writes in his spare time. There’s a very real future where Live Like Animals transitions to a very visual medium so definitely keep your eye out for that. Currently he’s been writing his own fiction that ties into our latest release that touches on coming-of-age stories, relating to mental health that has science fiction themes and elements. Without thinking he tends to create worlds that tie into the music that we work on.

The White Room is out now!


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