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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Aedan O'Donnell.

Beloved Australian act Lime Cordiale are back, delivering their new single Imposter Syndrome. The release arrives alongside an official visual, directed by Jack Shepherd.

Bringing their signature charm to the track, Imposter Syndrome continues the bands signature retro-charged sound, whilst weaving in subtle nods to post-punk through almost spoken word vocal melodies. The songs darker sonic realm contrasts the brighter soundscapes that have become synonymous with Lime Cordiale, but offers a refreshing change of pace. Across the track, Lime Cordiale explore dealing with their own sense of imposter syndrome, fuelled by their growing fame and acclaim, introspective and confessional lyricism offers a dual perspective on the matter that brings you right back down to earth.

“Imposter Syndrome is something we deal with more and more each year. Even when we realise it’s something we’re struggling with, it’s hard to shake. The more attention we get, the more we feel like phonies. I think it’s pretty common for Australians as it often comes hand-in-hand with Tall Poppy Syndrome, a big part of Australian culture. Australians love to cut each other down. Sometimes we wish we lived like the Americans…. LimeCordiale for next President! Anyway, we’re glad there’s a term for this feeling. If we can sing it loud it makes it all a bit easier.”

Having spent the past few years touring extensively, Lime Cordiale are showing no signs of slowing down. The duo will be hitting the road on their North American headline tour, before heading to the UK and Europe for more performances.

Imposter Syndrome is out now!


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