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Watch our full interview with LSF!

Aussie rock band LSF (FKA Left Side Filter) are days away from the release of their debut album, Halloween Night. Made up of Blake Lauricella, guitarist Dylan Rodgers, Bassist Wade Miller-Duncan and drummer Caleb McKinnirey, the band take us through the album!

The record came to be after the band wrote the Hexaflexagon. The song was inspired by characters from the first season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story. The track focuses on the relationship between the shows characters, Tate and Violet. From there, the four-piece performed the song at a show earlier this year, when a friend of the band suggested the song sounded like Halloween. This prompted the band to explore creating a Halloween themed EP, which ultimately resulted in nine tracks to form their debut record.

Halloween Night takes its cue from classic horror films and television programs, musically influenced by Black Sabbath, Radiohead and Silverchair. Conceptually, the tracks aren’t necessarily directly related to Halloween, but the ‘horrors’ of everyday life, taking a more psychological approach to the spooky themes of Halloween. One of the tracks is even inspired by Lauricella’s encounter with Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre. The frontman stopped in his tracks to say to Lauricella and his friend “I don’t mean to stop and stare but you guys have some curly hair” - a line that made it into one of the albums tracks.The band approached creating the record by experimenting with different time and key signatures, to personify the fear and adrenaline of Halloween night. They enlisted the help of fellow musician Sam Allen who wrote a 9/4 riff one of the tracks was built around. Allen also provides backing vocals, bringing rock-opera infused sound to the release.

The band worked on the record throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, something Rodgers says gave them the time to sit down and focus on a full-length body of work. To celebrate the release, LSF will be staging a one-of-a-kind show, showcasing the experimental avenues they explored while creating the record. Taking place at UOW Uni Bar this Friday, fans can experience the album in full and are encouraged to don their spookiest costumes to make this Halloween, a night to remember.

Halloween Night is out this Friday! Watch our interview with the band above.

Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Featured Songs: Halloween Night, Hexaflexagon and A Dream Out Of Hell courtesy of LSF


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