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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Annie Harvey.

Twenty year old singer-songwriter Julia Wallace is following up her debut with her new single, Place In Mind. The song will join the stunning Warm Light on the musicians forthcoming debut EP, Place In Mind, due out this March.

The track came to be after the singer began recording nursery rhymes at work, helping the children she works with learn to spell. She took the melody from that composition and turned it into the song we hear today. Conceptually tackling themes of validation, forgiveness and being terrified of the future, the song is another shimmering gem within the singers releases.

Speaking of the song, Wallace shares: "I wrote this song craving to let myself find an ideal place in my mind far from past memories and guilt, and wanting permission from myself to love again. I was going around lacking direction and wanting validation from everyone around me, but through writing this song I realised I needed to just forgive myself from letting people down and move on. Place In Mind is a short poem that repeats through subtle reharmonisation around the home key, with a bigger, more hectic realisation moment with horns beefing it up in the middle.”

Place in Mind is set to be a pressure-free release for the musician, who refers to it as cathartic side-project while she currently plays in five local Perth bands and studies composition. Wallace is works as a maths and spelling tutor to kids by day and a multi-instrumentalist by night.

Having trained as a Jazz musician and playing in five bands, Wallace felt plagued by a sense of imposter syndrome in the jazz world, which prompted her foray into her own unique, self-titled genre of ‘bedroom layered slow pop’. “Through writing a bunch of songs I found a ‘sound’ and had a pipe dream that I could start this solo artist project. And here we are!”

The Perth based musician is part of a new mentorship program launched by manager Charlotte Abroms (Angie McMahon, Ainslie Wills, Haarlo) and manager/publicist Alyse Newman (AANTHOLOGIES). This program aims to make a contribution to supporting the next wave of teens and young artists who are setting their hearts and minds on a career in music.

Warm Light is out now! Listen to the track below.


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