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SXSW Sydney kicks off this Sunday!

Image: Supplied.

Next week, Creative New Zealand, Te Māngai Pāho and the New Zealand Music Commission will host Aotearoa New Zealand @ SXSW Sydney, a 3-day activation within the festival and conference. In anticipation of the event, Waiata Anthems artist and Jordyn With A Why has shared with MILKY their favourite Māori slang!

The programme will open on Wednesday 18 October with a focus on NZ gaming innovations led by NZ esports company LetsPlay.Live. An indigenous screen content series will follow on Thursday with Friday focusing on music performances. Jordyn With A Why will be joined by ASHY, Park Road, Daily J, Foley, Vera Ellen and Will Swinton who are all set to perform at the event.

Sydney will be the first city outside Austin, Texas to gather the world’s most inspired thinkers, creators and innovators in the Southern Hemisphere. From Sunday, October 15 to Sunday, October 22, 2023, SXSW Sydney will see the world’s pre-eminent creative industries come together across content pillars of Tech and Innovation, Gaming, Music, Screen and Culture within a stacked week-long program. SXSW Sydney will take over a number of venues across the city, where official showcasing artists will perform in front of industry reps, media and thousands of fans and fellow musicians from across the globe.

Pau te kaha - 100%

Top tier encouragement & super versatile - tautoko pau te kaha - I support it (or you, or whatever you’re talking about) 100%!

Pōuri atu - Piss off

Super handy & easy to chuck at someone who gets on your nerves… election season, am i right?

Tō kakama hoki! - You’re sharp alright!

Love - can use it genuinely or with a hint of sarcasm, we love a flexy saying.

Kua taka te kapa - The pennys dropped

Sometimes info just takes a while to travel from my ears to my brain - but when it lands, it lands!

Turituri warawara - Blah blah blah

I just think this is crack up - could be used for when someones talking too much or just talking a lotta rubbish.

Te mutunga kē mai… - The epitome of…

Love this one, super flexy, can use as a compliment (te mutunga kē mai o te ataahua - the epitome of beauty) or anti-compliment lol (te mutunga kē mai o te hōhā - the epitome of annoying)

Kāore e kore - without a doubt

I feel like this is the ‘nah, yeah’ of reo Māori - describes your certainty of something. You going to the party on Saturday? Kāore e kore!

Ka taka te wā - all in good time

Timing is everything and every friend needs to hear this at some point. If you’re in the early days of learning a new skill or in a new season of life, ka taka te wā ka whai hua koe, in good time you’ll see the fruit of your journey.

Āe mārika - Yes indeed!

Not as basic as a simple ‘yes’ its like a HELL YES!


So flexy. Many meanings - its all in the context. Thanks, hi, mean, cool, sweet, great etc. Alternative dialect - che (like chair without the ‘r’ sound at the end).

Hey Love is out now!


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