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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied

Glaswegian musician Joesef has shared the music video for his latest single, I Wonder Why. The track was written produced and recorded by the singer in his apartment, before Loyle Carner contributed his heartfelt verse.

Directed by Molly Burdett, the intimate visual accompaniment for I Wonder Why, expertly conveys the stillness of our surroundings, reflecting when one’s mental state may be in flux.

“The song is about the slow burn of heartache, and the cyclical nature of losing someone and trying to forget about it”, says Joesef. “I wanted the video to feel intimate, and for it to be shot in a bedroom with the idea of your room reflecting your mental state. Molly Burdett captured this perfectly by introducing a hot to cold transition. It really helped bring the room to life with these subtle touches,” he adds.

Speaking of the song itself, Joesef explains, “Sometimes I don’t know how I feel till I write it down and this seemed to be one of those times. I think I was avoiding addressing that I was a bit fucked up at the start of the year because of a situation, so this tune sort of put a line under it. It's about losing someone and going through the motions trying to shake the thought of them not being around anymore. It’s still pretty heavy to handle for me sometimes, but I do love it”.

I Wonder Why is out now. Watch the music video below!


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