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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Tae Young.

Brisbane/Meanjin artist Jo Davie has shared her new single, Sandcastles. The singer made her debut late last year with Throw Me A Rope, and last month was announced as the winner of the Carol Lloyd Award at the Queensland Music Awards.

Across the moving track, Davie documents intimately shared moments and the aching loss of her late mother. She ponders all the big life moments that are to follow, without her mother by her side, fuelled by introspective and emotional lyricism. Recorded with Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music), a driving indie-rock-meets-folk soundscape unfurls beneath, threading together warm sonic notes that perfectly capture the songs heartfelt standpoint. The songs visual is comprised of home videos from Davie's family archive, offering a glimpse into her childhood and the presence of her late mother.

"Sandcastles is about losing my mum, and missing her during key moments of my life; travelling, moving out, getting married, and not being able to talk to her about any of it. But more broadly, it’s about losing anyone, and having to do things without them. It’s about how we all build our lives like sandcastles, to make our mark and feel significant, even if it's just until the tide comes in. It’s still worth it to love someone and to lose them.” Davie shares.

Sandcastles is out now!


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