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The Lovers (Reversed) is out now!

Image: Jackson Thornbury.

Adelaide-based singer-songwriter Jess Day has unveiled her new EP, The Lovers (Reversed). To celebrate the release, the singer is taking MILKY through the release track by track!

“I'm so beyond excited to get this EP out into the world. It's about 2 years’ worth of songs - that were unplanned as a collated body of work - but I feel illustrate some of the journey I've been on as a songwriter in that time….I pride myself on leaning into uncomfortable feelings with as much honesty as possible.” Day shares.


This track was really empowering to write, and came after Allie and Naked had been written. In terms of storytelling, it should sit last on the EP, but it feels like such a great opener.


The oldest song I had in the repertoire. It was in my demos for at least a couple of years and I debated whether it was too naive or juvenile sounding to release for a long time. I decided, it's still a good song, so I'm going to record it whether or not I still resonate with it.


Something good to come out of a breakup. This was written in that deeply disturbed space of pure pain. Brilliant content, thanks for the heartbreak M****.


This was also from the "dark place"... I simultaneously fear and respect that deep pain. It feels sickening and all consuming but my favourite songs are written from this space. I was so sad that I figured out how to play piano!


The last song I wrote for the EP. It's reminiscent of my roots and I really allowed myself to lean into the style of music I grew up listening to with this one.

The Lovers (Reversed) is out now!

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