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Listen to the track below!

Image: Jackson Thornbury

Adelaide-based singer-songwriter Jess Day is back with her new single, Gravity! The release arrives alongside the announcement of a national tour, set to take place this May.

Written and produced by the singer herself, the magnetic release explores the anxieties of new love, whilst also basking in the newfound hope and glow that is found. Day's distinct vocal tones simmer above textural guitar work and frenzied percussion, creating a sonic interpretation of the flurrying emotions of falling in love again.

Of the track, the singer shares: “Gravity is a bit different to my usual tumultuous break up songs. It's about being hesitant as you're falling for someone, for fear of past failures repeating themselves again - but sticking with the fear. It's about needing the right someone to sort of hold your hand through that fear, with all your baggage, and it paying off where you eventually find yourself transcended into something really honest and safe. It turns out, they don't hurt you like the others and there's this newfound hope and adolescent-like wistfulness about love again.”

Kicking off at Sydney's The Vanguard on May 20, the run of shows will continue on to Brisbane and Melbourne, before wrapping up in Adelaide on May 28. The singer will be bringing along Molly Millington for the tour, with tickets on sale now.

Gravity is out now! Watch the visual below.


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