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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Alongside the music video for his collaboration with Trapo, Overdue

Image: Mitch Lowe

Australian musician Jarryd James is back with his long-awaited sophomore record, P.M. With his debut record having dropped in 2015, the musician wrapped working on his follow up, which came to life in various places around the world including Los Angeles, New York and Nicaragua. The record features the previously released singles Miracles, Let It Go, Problems and Slow Motion.

Alongside the release, the musician has today dropped the official music video for Overdue, his collaboration with Wisconsin rapper Trapo. The illuminating visual depicts James roaming the streets at night, with bright lights acting as the focal point of some scenes and cut in shots of a blurred frenzy before the clip cuts to a shot of Trapo.

Trapo says he "wrote this verse fresh out of high school, so much has happened since then, and it’s times like these where I get to revise the importance of expressing yourself at a young age, Good Job Trap."

Speaking of the track, James shares: “Overdue is my favourite track on the album. The city of Los Angeles can be a strange place for an introvert from Brisbane. Keeping pretty unusual hours and not really looking after myself took its toll. We slowly started to make a piece of music while I drank some gin, and we made what I think is my favourite thing I’ve ever made. FrancisGotHeat sent back the flipped version of the beat that you hear at the end which made it perfect for a feature. We put the feelers out and came across Trapo, an insanely talented young rapper from Wisconsin. After one listen to his album Oil Change I knew he was the dude for it. Honestly, I thought he would do 16 bars which I would have been stoked with, but he went ahead and murdered the entire section that we sent him. Blew my mind when I heard it for the first time. “


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