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Product of a Dreamer is out now!

Image: She Is Aphrodite.

Sydney-based artist Jannah Beth recently unveiled her debut EP, Product of a Dreamer. If you're loving the release and want some insight into each track, we've got you covered! The singer has treated MILKY, taking us through the EP track by track.

Product of A Dreamer EP is available on vinyl and digital download on Bandcamp.


If you didn't know me before, you'll know me a whole lot more after hearing this track and furthermore the 'Product Of A Dreamer' EP. I feel like it's a song I should have written ten years ago, one that through the writing process I was able to achieve a 'birds' eye view' on some of my experiences growing up, particularly around the defining moments in my adolescence. My faith, my father and the transformation of both relationships. The nostalgia of the gospel and hymn nuances really transport me to the beginning of my creative and spiritual journey, the perfect way to introduce both myself and the EP. I was fortunate enough to bring together my vision of communal singing, getting five phenomenal Sydney singers together to add the soulful vocals you hear on both the studio & live version of this song.


The track features live drums by Jannah Beth, bass by Curly (Emma Henderson) and honey backing vocals and layered guitars from Josue Vilches.

Sweet Sugar is the exciting dance of falling in love and not wanting it to end, in the arch of story that threads together the ‘Product Of A Dreamer’ EP it represents growth, untethering from trauma & healing. Going at it for the long haul isn't for everyone, perhaps I'm trying to make up for what my own family never had, maybe I'm just an old fashioned romantic or maybe I've been brainwashed by Disney. Either way, I wrote this song three years into my relationship and I'm still feeling like the 'honeymoon' period isn't over. I was inspired to make this song sound like it was vintage, blending in some of my live drum takes and adding layers of organic textures with a 60's sounding reverb in the chorus. Something was missing until my friend Josue came by the studio and gave it the sex appeal it needed.


Want Me Dead is full of assurance, I've come to love myself, know myself & trust my process. This is me blasting off into the life I want and the life I have created for myself by honouring my dreams. I am intrinsically connected to music and at times have struggled to marry it to the industry, I purged when I wrote the lyrics. I was angry and wary of letting that anger turn to bitterness, by expressing it I ended up reconnecting with myself more deeply and gaining focus. Sonically, an organic richness shines from the triumphant horns by True Vibenation & live bass by Curly (Emma Henderson), the track really leaves space for those moments which I think are cool.


Shutdown is my proudest musical achievement. To me this song carries the significance of truly letting go to allow deep healing and inner peace. This song was born from a freestyle, I was having a jam with my now good friend Hylton Mowday on the day we met at his studio - we'd smashed through our 'real work' and decided to keep going, discovering our musical spark. He was playing the piano and I sang - we recorded it for about ten minutes, we knew we had captured something very special. Almost a year later as I was adding the finishing touches, I took a trip to Melbourne and had the most amazing session recording drums by drummer aficionado David Jones. He connected with Shutdown and after the session told me it was one of his most ever favourite sessions, which just blew me away!


While I collaborated with many amazing friends and musicians on the making of the Product Of A Dreamer EP, Never Miss is the only track with a feature and none other than the star Temgazi. I've been a long-time fan and to have her over the studio to record this verse felt so right. Within a few hours she had absolutely nailed the verse, we had such a fun time getting silly and recording it together. It's uplifting, fun, inspiring and boss. Temgazi reflects on the process saying "I've never laughed so hard in a studio session before. We recorded this song 2 days before ringing in 2021, what a dope way to close a crazy ass year". Never Miss represents community, collaboration, celebration and the importance of giving back what you have learnt to the people around you. It features guitar licks and skank by Drew Bisset & bass by Curly (Emma Henderson).

I am overall so thankful to everyone who played a part in the creation of Product Of A Dreamer, so much talent, enthusiasm, respect and friendship.

Mixed by Drew Bisset

Mastered by Don Bartley

Published by 120 Publishing

Released independently by Jannah Beth

Production by Daniel Duque-Perez, Jannah Beth

Additional Prod by Bheki Mkwananzi (True Vibenation)

Co-writing by Hylton Mowday & Daniel Duque-Perez, Temgazi

Vocal Engineering by Simon Cohen & Jannah Beth

Additional Vocals by Maxine Champion, Ines Maldalena Esteves-Ferreira, Rebekah Jensen, Doug Williams, Josue Vilches

Contributing musicians, Emma Henderson (Bass), David Jones (Drums), Josue Vilches (Guitar), Hylton Mowday (Piano, Saxophone), Drew Bisset (Guitar), Jannah Beth (Drums)

Artwork Photography by Michelle Petris

Custom Styling by Zezey Spirit

Cover Design by Cristian Campano


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