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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Korean-American producer/songwriter James Ivy has dropped his new single, Sick. Accompanied by a music video, the song touches on the singers personal and familial life, and the anxieties present in both.

The loud and explosive release was written after Ivy's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, with the song lyrically encapsulating the thoughts running through his head. Whilst the song navigates the fear that follows his mothers diagnosis, it also brings the singers own fear of mortality to the forefront.

"Sick was a song I wrote and made in one sitting. My mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was about to go through surgery so a lot of the lyrics were very stream of consciousness about how I was feeling & conversations I had been having with her around that time." the musician shared. "About six months later I revisited the song and added more lyrics. It became about the implications of having a family member or a loved one who was sick, but also a constant fear and dread of me possibly becoming sick myself with cancer or some sort of other illness. I wanted to express all these emotions in a very visceral way, and wanted to make a song that I could scream live & just get all of my emotions out when performing it. The whole process of the song was therapeutic to me in a sense."

The release is accompanied by a music video which features the musicians live band, performing the track live in a warehouse. For the visual, Ivy reunited with his longtime collaborator and director, Drake Li.

Sick is out now! Listen to the track below.


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