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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Cam Attree.

Multimedia creative Jaguar Jonze, the moniker of Australian musician Deena Lynch, has launched into the new year with her new single, CUT. The song explores unbalanced relationship dynamics and finding the power to remove yourself from the toxic clutch of another.

"'CUT is the anger behind realising that people you trusted professionally have been gaslighting you and manipulating your reality - constantly taking from you in a one-way transaction. Once I realised what was happening, it was a long journey of breaking free from those environments and, more importantly, understanding that what happened had nothing to do with me. It spawned from their deep insecurity and greediness. I was then able to deprogram myself - I wanted nothing but to CUT, get out, and take back control." the singer shares.

The track follows the singers powerful 2021 release WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING?, and arrives alongside an official visual, directed and edited by the musician herself. Speaking of the visual, she shares: "I wanted a physical interpretation of the meaning behind my song CUT in the music video that was riding the fine line between shocking, engaging, maniacal, determined, comedic, and angry. I only had two weeks to put the concept together, shoot it and edit it. I'm so proud of what was created in that pressure-cooker environment,"

CUT is out now! Watch the visual below.


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