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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with ioakim below!

South Coast producer/songwriter ioakim has shared his new single, eight. The track finds the musician teaming up with his tour mate LORA, following their co-headline tour this past March.

Delving deeper into his signature DIY approach to Brit-pop-meets-new wave-electro sonic realm, the mid-tempo cut is build upon subdued production that is fuelled by mesmerising synth work and spatial percussion. ioakim and LORA's textural vocals simmer above, whilst the track explores the personal prison of your own mind and fighting inner feelings.

eight follows through on similar themes from backseat. It feels like the missing link to backseat. eight explores an underlying anxiety of a relationship through a lens of introspection. The feeling of being trapped in your own mind, clouded by outward opinions and assumptions. Naturally eight had be the next release.”

eight is out now!


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