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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our full interview with Slinky Red!

We visited Wollongong band Slinky Red at their home studio to talk about their new single Over Your Head, how the band formed, their creative process and more!

Released last week, the bands latest track began with the core guitar riff and the lyric “it’s going over your head”. From there, the band built upon the track, experimenting with sounds and formulating each part throughout the recording process. Originally writing two seperate solos, thefour-piece decided to use both after playing the two recordings at the same time. The track conceptually takes on the notion of being in the moment, trying not to let life pass you by.

Forming in 2018, the band seen a handful of line up changes. Marley Mondzheyovsky and Finn Daly round out the new lineup, alongside founding members Will Brown and Lachy Starling. When speaking with MILKY, brown shared: “We’ve sort of been through a wheelhouse of new members and finally settles on these two members, Marley and Finn”.

Throughout their career, the band have experimented with multiple genres. Merging country music with rock sounds, Slinky Red set out to create a point of different within the landscape of Aussie bands. Each band member brings their own musical flavour to the tracks, creating their own sonic sound that has become their trademark.

2021 is set to be big year for Slinky Red, with the band kicking the year off with a set at Wollonong’s Yours and Owls Festival. The four-piece will be hitting the studio this October to work on their next single. Also working on their EP, the band are setting out to create a cohesive debut body of work.

Watch our interview with Slink Red above!

Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Featured Songs: Over Your Head courtesy of Slinky Red.


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