We went on a candlelit date with Left Side Filter, to talk about their new single On Your Own and so much more.

With their soaring guitar riffs, heavy bass lines and lead singer Blake Lauricella’s commanding vocals, it won’t be long before Left Side Filter are at the forefront of Australia’s rock music scene. Made up of Lauricella, guitarist Dylan Rodgers, Bassist Wade Miller-Duncan and drummer Caleb McKinnirey, the four-piece hailing from Shellharbour are carving their own path, taking full control of their sonic sound and releases.

Their new single, On Your Own, navigates the highs and lows of life, with a sense of mourning a loved one who is no longer present in your life, and the feeling of being alone in the end. With a classic rock chord progression and a massive chorus to match, the song makes reference to Kurt Vonnegut’s science fiction-infused anti-war novel Slaughterhouse-Five. On Your Own marks the first time Rodgers co-wrote a track with his band mates, being the last member to join the group and rounding out the current line-up.

Whilst parts of the track were recorded at JMC Academy in Sydney, the band write and record all their songs together at their makeshift studio on Sydney’s south coast. This process allows the band to have full creative control over their songs and take the time to fully flesh out each track. Lauricella writes the tracks before bringing them to his band mates. It is then during the recording process where most of their experimentation and ideas happen. They build upon the songs during the sessions until they arrive at the final sound.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the band would play the tracks live before recording. Their energetic live shows create an unparalleled raucous of excitement and adrenaline, leaving their audiences wanting more.

The band have spent the majority of the year working on their upcoming Halloween themed album. Due out just in time for spooky season, the record takes its cue from classic horror films and television programs, musically influenced by Black Sabbath, Radiohead and Silverchair. Stay tuned for our coverage of Left Side Filter’s Halloween album!

On Your Own is out now. Watch our full interview with Left Side Filter above!

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Filming: Vasili Papathanasopoulos and Jazmin Pezzano

Featured Songs: On Your Own courtesy of Left Side Filter