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Watch our full interview with AXI!

After relocating to the United Kingdom in 2016, Australian musician Adrien Nookadu adapted the stagename AXI. Having worked as a songwriter for the past four years, the singer is ready to take centre stage and share his music with the world.

Growing up in a musical family, his father introduced him to music at a young age. Playing instruments since his early youth and writing songs since he was 12, Nookadu attended The McDonald College of Performing Arts, primarily focusing on his musical studies. The singer first came to nationwide attention in 2012 when he was cast in Channel 10’s reboot, Young Talent Time. Hosted by Rob Mills, Nookadu was a permanent cast member on the singing competition which saw him perform live on television weekly.

Shortly after the end of Young Talent Time, the singer found himself back on Australian screens, this time as a contestant on The X-Factor Australia. Mentored by singer Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Nookadu made the top twelve finalists in 2014. Appearing on the show and completing his final year of schooling, the singer has fond memories of the experience and the insight it gave him into the artist he hoped to become.

Now, Nookadu is a signed songwriter at Warner Chapel Music, having signed his artist project with AWAL, Kobalt Music’s record label. Earlier this year, the singer released his debut single Hands On Me. The track was written while Nookadu was visiting Canada three years ago. Intending the track to be for another artist, the singer returned to the song years later and wicked to release it himself. The song navigates feelings of loneliness and isolation and longing for the touch of another. The debut was followed up by Fire Herself. The release pairs classic nostalgia with pop sensibility and conceptually explores knowing someone is ba for you, yet the addiction is still there.

Throughout his career, Nookadu has been championed and supported by his collaborator and brother, Andrè Nookadu. The pair have been writing and performing together since their childhood, with Andre being by his side throughout every decision made during Adrien’s career. The brothers write, record and produce all their music together, collaborating on everything from styling to visuals and direction.

With two releases under his belt, Nookadu is working away on a full-length body of work. Watch our interview with AXI above!

Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Featured Songs: Hands On Me and Fire Herself courtesy of AXI


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