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Image: Jones Crow.

Singer-songwriter and poet Indy Yelich has delivered her hotly-anticipated debut EP, Threads. Featuring the singles Threads, Killer and Hometown, the release arrives alongside the singers new single, Freeloader.

Across the collection of songs, the singer documents the transitionary period of life in your early twenties, touching on themes of love, heartbreak, experiencing anxiety and the nostalgia of home. Opening with Threads, we're introduced to Yelich's mesmerising vocal tone, luring us in with memorable melodies and emotion-stirring lyricism that explores an all-consuming toxic relationship. We're then introduced to a bolder sound on Killer, led by plucked guitar melodies and the singers confident vocals. The track explores her own duality, touching on experiencing anxiety whilst also presenting her fearless side.

Hometown brings the nostalgia of teenage youth, recalling on the quiet of suburbia and shared experiences brought to life by introspective and poetic lyricism. Yelich's haunting vocals float above a sparse soundscape, led by delicate piano work and minimalist production. On Hero, she muses of what could've been a former flame, who left a trail of destruction. Much like her sister, GRAMMY® Award-winning multiplatinum artist Lorde, Yelich has a knack for perfectly capturing the emotions of heartbreak further exemplified by compelling soundscapes that unfurl beneath her dynamic vocal performance.

Closing the EP with Freeloader, the singer shakes off the men who have done her wrong, shunning them for taking advantage of her and moving on towards a place of self-assurance. “I've always had a very distinct voice but now, at 24, I finally feel I know exactly what I’m trying to say.” Yelich shares. She adds of the EP's latest single, Freeloader, “I feel like this song is a fun ode to all the boys who have been assholes to me in the past. Boys who step over you and take advantage of your giving nature. It felt so cathartic to write!”

Threads is out now!


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