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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied.

R&B singer-songwriter HVֆH has unveiled his sultry new single, Amends. The release serves as reintroduction to the artist, following 2019's About You.

Navigating the toxicity of a lust-charged relationship, HVֆH's smooth falsetto vocals soar above hypnotic production, before the smooth textual tones of his voice take over. Produced by Kevin Ekofo and Eibyseven, with mixing and mastering by IconicBeats, Amends centres itself around a masculine bravado, whilst creating a seductive and provocative soundscape.

Speaking of the track, HVֆH shares with MILKY: “It's a vintage record and some would call it toxic. Yes, I sung that, but the meaning is not as sweet-singy as it sounds. There’s so much to interpret, especially for the ladies. But I’ll leave it to how it sets with the listeners.”

The Melbourne based musician has spent the time since his debut collaborating with a number artists within the local scene, whilst honing in on his own sonic sound. Influenced by the likes of Soulquarians, D’Angelo and Donell Jones, HVֆH's signature fusion of alt-R&B and neo-soul is complimented by the textural variety of his vocals, effortlessly meandering between smooth tenor tones and floating falsetto.

Amends is out now! Listen to the track below.


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