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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Aydin Sayar has put together his top five breakup snacks, movies and songs exclusively for MILKY!

Melbourne based musician and producer Aydin Sayer has joined forces with indie-pop artist Montgomery to deliver your new favourite break up song, Missed Calls.

The synth-heavy pop track navigates the emotional uncertainty post breakup. Lyrically intimate, Sayer and Montgomery’s peaceful and dreamy vocals soar over a funky bass line and restrained drum beats that will have you grooving along through the tears.

We chat to Aydin Sayer and Montgomery about bad breakups, being left on seen and their stellar new track!

On how the collaboration began…

A: Montgomery and I had been good mates for a while. She was at my house for my birthday party and stumbled upon my Juno-60 synth and she was like a kid at a toy shop. She started having a play and just came up with these really awesome chords. Without her knowing, I just started recording them haha. We just kept working on it from there.

On their bad breakup experiences that influenced Missed Calls…

A: I have had a few breakups where you try and immediately go back to being friends and it can be really challenging when you’ve been so physically and emotionally intimate.

M: I think Missed Calls is about the uncertainty and whirlwind of emotion post-breakup. I’ve definitely been there.

On their collaborative process while writing Missed Calls

A: Montgomery spanked out some glorious synth parts and I built everything around that.

M: To delve in a little further, the spanking of synth parts was towards the end of Aydin’s birthday party where he and I somehow ended up jamming in his room and he secretly recorded a take and then the next day, with clearer heads, we decided to actually do something with it and I’m glad we did.

On the most difficult part about writing a breakup song…

A: Probably that it gets a bit real sometimes, but then you look back and its actually fucking hilarious.

M: Preach.

What’s worse, having your calls screened or being left on read?

A: For me it’s being left on read. Ghosting is something I don’t agree with. Sometimes it’s better to be honest and maybe hurt someone rather than keeping them in the dark. I would rather receive a message saying “yo I'm just not that into you” rather than “seen at 10:23pm”

M: I put more effort into a text than making a call so being left on read kills me softly.

If Missed Calls isn’t enough to get you through your breakup blues, Aydin Sayar has put together his top five breakup snacks, movies and songs exclusively for MILKY! There’s everything from Tim Tams to Disney films, Stevie Nicks to The Pussycat Dolls. Watch the video above!

Missed Calls is out now!


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