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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


SXSW Sydney kicks off this Sunday!

Image: Lindsey Blane.

Canadian band Hotel Mira have dropped their new single, The King Of The World, ahead of their appearance at SXSW Sydney next week. To celebrate, frontman Charlie Kerr has shared with us their ultimate bucket list for their trip down under!

"At the heart of the song “The King Of The World” is a pretty simple message. I am bad news. I make the same mistakes over and over again and your approval and endorsement of me doesn’t comfort me or bolster confidence at all. Your desire of me makes me more suspicious of your taste. I want my self-destruction to have the smallest blast area as possible. I think we all remember what happened to Jack at the end of the titanic. The King Of The World wound up freezing to death." the band share.

Sydney will be the first city outside Austin, Texas to gather the world’s most inspired thinkers, creators and innovators in the Southern Hemisphere. From Sunday, October 15 to Sunday, October 22, 2023, SXSW Sydney will see the world’s pre-eminent creative industries come together across content pillars of Tech and Innovation, Gaming, Music, Screen and Culture within a stacked week-long program. SXSW Sydney will take over a number of venues across the city, where official showcasing artists will perform in front of industry reps, media and thousands of fans and fellow musicians from across the globe.

Catch Hotel Mira live at The Barrie on October 21 as part of SXSW Sydney's programme.


So check it out, Nicole Kidman is going to be in Sydney doing a panel on the film side of the festival. I am a massive fan of herS and if she came to our gig I would probably explode. If you know her or know someone who knows her, let her know that we will guest list her. And maybe throw her and Keith Urban a free t-shirt.


My guitar player, Clark is a sort of a city boy (so am I by the way, this is a description not an indictment). So along with some tourist-y things, he wanted it known that he was going to do his best to avoid being killed by a huntsman spider


My bass player Mikey is obsessed with the way y’all pronounce “Melbourne” like “Melbin.” He is determined to do the same and be praised and accepted for it.


I am basically a Nick Cave impersonator at this point. Most front men as they age flirt with a stage in their career where they re-brand as a vampire and thats kinda where I am at. So I am going to don a black suit and try desperately to seem mysterious in coffee shops in what I have been told is your summer.


Ever since I was a baby I have wanted to hang out with a koala bear. There is something deeply relatable about an animal that self-medicates it’s rage and needs to destroy so it can just vibe and be cuddly.

The King Of The World is out now!


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