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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Kathy Feng.

Canadian musician Csaba Laszlo has unveiled his new musical project, Hotel Decor. After releasing music under the moniker NVY, the musician has re-routed his musical exploration, fusing together alt-indie, electro and dream pop into one succinct soundscape, as exhibited on his debut single, All The Rage.

Set to appear on his four-track debut EP, the song began as an instrumental piece over a year ago, before Laszlo returned to the piece a number of times, eventually incorporating the distorted, mesmerising vocals we hear. Born out of boredom and isolation, the track navigates the musicians circumstances at the time of its creation, detailing the emotions of feeling stuck and boxed in.

Speaking of the track, Laszlo shares: "Stylistically I wanted to make something definitely pretty wonky and catchy. The theme of the song kind of came about subconsciously. I ended up free styling a lot of the vocals and just going with the flow of whatever was coming out while I was tracking. I think I must have been feeling pretty boxed in and kind of bored with my circumstances as that’s what the song ended up being about.”

All The Rage is out now!


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