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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Dunedin-based rock group Hot Donnas release their new EP, The Adventures of E-WAN. The release features their latest fiery single, Two Brains.

Recorded at Radio 1 Studios in Dunedin, the six track release fuses together sounds of indie, grunge and surf rock to create a unique genre-bending soundscape. Having spent the last year perforating their craft whilst performing, writing and recording, the EP is an exploration of new ideas. More collaborative than ever, the band engaged each other’s ideas openly and with the added input of engineer Steven Marr. That collective collaborative nature presents itself in the curated body of work that is The Adventures of E-WAN.

“There isn’t one writer that takes over, we all make contributions to the song and have our own creative freedom to do what we want. The recording process was also very laid back for this collection of music. We have built a solid rapport with Steven Marr, our engineer; he made recording effortless and was open to accommodating the ideas we had in mind. I think our laid back personalities can sometimes be disadvantageous but in the studio it seems to work for us!” Mitch Sizemore of Hot Donnas shares.

Their most exciting release to date, the EP expertly exhibits the bands musicianship, leaving listeners longing for live music to return so we can experience these tracks on stage.

The Adventures of E-WAN is out now!


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