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Listen to the track below!

Image: Gian Carlos Maitelli.

Irish singer-songwriter Honas has dropped his new single, Cash Machine. The track marks the musicians first release of 2024.

Produced by Marian Plösch and John Catlin, Cash Machine is built upon ear-worm guitar melodies and relaxed percussion, tied together by hazy production to create a nostalgia-fuelled soundscape. Honas' mesmerising vocals float atop, captivating and holding your attention whilst bringing intimate lyricism to life. The song explores searching for your destined path, whilst stuck in the cyclical nature of every day life.

"It was written with the frustration of having finished college and finding myself doing monotonous work just to get by,"  the musician shares. "I was feeling uninspired and unmotivated to pursue the things I really cared about. It’s about that horrible feeling of days slipping by and time running out, but with a little Irish dash of ‘Ah sure it’ll be grand.’”

Having made his debut in 2020 with Control, Honas is the musical project of Hugh

O’Neill. Cash Machine serves as the musicians third release and follows Everyday Life, which earned Honas recognition on  RTÉ Radio 1 and BBC NI Music Matters playlist. Honas' contemporary approach to blending nostalgia with modernity places him as an exciting emerging artist.

Cash Machine is out now!


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