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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied.

Alt-country/Blues act Hillsborough have dropped their new single, Magnetic Lives. The track is set to appear on the bands forthcoming album, Comin' Back For You.

Laced with subtle spaghetti-western guitar melodies, the reflective release documents everyday life and human connection that blossoms from shared experiences. Frontman Phil Usher's compelling vocals boom atop driving percussion and engaging acoustic guitar work, with the band bringing on Dan James at BBC studios and Richie Belkner at Free Energy Device Studios to work on the track.

"I feel like this song could be the soundtrack to a dusk drive along a deserted dirt track way out west. The lyrics explore the experiences, both good and bad, that bind us together as humanity and particularly how we are drawn to and bonded with certain people that walk through our lives at different times. For one reason or another - sometimes inexplicably - there is a chemistry or pull towards certain individuals we encounter during our time on this planet and at times these forces can be very strong and lasting." Usher shares.

To celebrate the release, Hillsborough are hitting the road on a tour of Queensland. Kicking off in Toowoomba on October 8, the run of shows will continue on to the Gold Coast and Brisbane, before wrapping up in Ipswich on December 9.

Magnetic Lives is out now!


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