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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Paul Castelluzzo has shared the latest track from his musical project, Hether. Following up Twinkle, Castelluzzo’s new single Sex Wax is the second taste from the musicians upcoming full-length body of work, Whooops Demos, due out next January.

The energetic track is an exploration of psychedelic sonics, featuring the musicians falsetto vocals. Whooops Demos will showcase Castelluzzo’s evolving sonic and artistic growth, bridging the gap between what Hether started as, leading to what he's working towards.

Growing up in San Diego, California, the 25 year old was immersed within music, listening to all types of genres ranging from jazz to ‘60s psychedelia to punk rock. In 2019, he released his debut EP Hether Who?, serving as a guidebook to fleeting youth and the love and loss therein. Castelluzzo has also played on tracks from Anderson Paak, Mac Miller, and Karli Uchis, whilst also being a touring member of Dominc Fike's band.

Sex Wax is out now! Listen to the track below. Whooops Demos is out January 15, 2021.


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