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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The singer took to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to reveal the artwork.

Image: Lucas Garrido.

Platinum selling hitmaker Halsey has shared the official artwork for her forthcoming fourth studio album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, due out August 27. Influenced by Renaissance portraits of the Virgin Mary with her infant child, the pregnant singer also channels Game of Thrones iconic 'Iron Throne'.

Produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power was written entirely by the singer, and is set to document "the joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth." Halsey is currently expecting her first child with her partner, screenwriter Alev Aydin.

Throughout the visual announcement, we follow the singer as she promenades throughout the iconic halls of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, pausing at times in front of historical paintings depicting a mother with their child. We arrive at a curtained portrait, with the unveiled artwork showing the singer sitting atop a throne of gold, holding an infant child and replicating the poses shown within the artworks we have just seen.

Speaking of the artwork, the singer shares: "This cover image celebrates pregnant and postpartum bodies as something beautiful, to be admired. We have a long way to go with eradicating the social stigma around bodies & breastfeeding. I hope this can be a step in the right direction!"

Halsey has surpassed 60 million RIAA-certified units across albums, singles and features, and has sold over 150 million adjusted singles. The singer last played to Aussie fans in December 2019, headlining Falls Festival, prior to the release of her platinum selling album, Manic in 2020. The record peaked at number 2 on the ARIA official album charts. The singer kicked off her Manic World Tour in February this year in Europe. The remainder of the tour has now been postponed until June 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Halsey has launched her own makeup range, about-face beauty, and released her debut collection of poetry, I Would Leave Me If I Could.

If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power is out August 27! Watch the announcement video below.


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