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Fans of Aussie three-piece Haiku Hands have been waiting since their first single dropped in 2017 for a full-length album. Now the wait is finally over! The alternative dance group, made up of Claire Nakazawa, Beatrice Lewis and Mie Nakazawa, have released their debut album, Haiku Hands, providing solace in a time where the world is itching to get back on the dance floor. Full of empowering and exciting tracks, the genre-bending release brings the energy of their live sets into listeners homes.

The trio open the record with the fierce house track Not About You, an anthemic thumping house beat track that is all about attitude and full of energy. The song sets the tone for the sarcastic lyrical comments on society. Club banger Manbitch continues the theme, also reimagining the concept of the word ‘bitch’ from female to any gender identification. Fashion Model Art is a satirical and sassy track that playfully celebrates your inner fashion and art diva.

Sunride feels like the perfect summer track, with hints of RnB moments complete with a big sing-a-long chorus that will prove to be a big moment in their future live sets. The track is an exploration go trust, conflict and communication. The pulled back vibe of Sunride is immediately juxtaposed by the 80’s funk vibe Jupiter. The song features a guitar riff that bares similarities to INXS’ iconic track Need You Tonight. It’s hard not to groove along to the obscure and catchy track.

The previously released Onset, their collaboration with Mad Zach, is a standout moment on the record. The infectious track incorporates elements from 80’s & 90’s hip-hop, rave and electro, bringing them into a contemporary soundscape. The quietest moment on the record is Car Crash, with more pulled back production and less brashy sounds on the empowering track. Super Villain is the perfect avant-garde song that could soundtrack your favourite film antagonist that you love to hate. The group take on a euro-accent on certain lines, reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s Chromatica track, Babylon. There’s something about the Australian rap accent on Mechanical Animal that just sounds so good!

On their self-titled debut album, Haiku Hands conceptually explore themes of technology, relationships, the absurd and social commentary. With an empowered attitude, the group have created their own unique sound, pairing house beats satirical lyrics that hold a mirror up to society and provoke the listener into delving deeper into the topics present. It’s a dance record, and it’s hard not to feel jovial while dancing along to Haiku Hands.


Haiku Hands is out now!


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