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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The group have dropped their new single, Fashion Model Art

Image: Cole Bennetts

Dance-pop super trio Haiku Hands have finally announced the release of their debut record! The self titled album will drop this September, with the trios new single Fashion Model Art featuring SOFI TUKKER is out now.

The satirical and sassy track playfully celebrates your inner fashion and art diva. The chorus was born on a train ride after the trio visited the Sydney Biennale. It was the moment we swapped from being composed, observant art critiques to our boisterous playful selves. We ended up having half the carriage chanting fashion fashion, model model, art art art art on the train,” the band said of the track. 

Taking lyrical cues from questions and statements one can usually hear during Fashion Week, the trio added, “This song celebrates the fashion model art character within ourselves. We revel in the hilarious, tense, fun, ridiculous and utmost seriousness of these moments. Sofi Tukker jumped on this song after we toured with them for a month in the US. We ask ourselves, what should we do with our hands?” they add. 

The trios debut album was primarily recorded in Melbourne with Joel Ma and will feature an array of collaborations with Mad Zach, Machine Drum, Mirac, Elgusto of Hermitude and Lewis Cancut. The 12-track studio album will conceptually explore themes of technology, relationships, the absurd and social commentary, exhibited on Fashion Model Art. “The record explores an attitude of empowerment, humour and positivity whilst also delving into darker themes and expressions. We aimed to be original in our creative choices, we were influenced by multiple genres and artists but were aiming to create something that sounded new and different,” Haiku Hands say of the album. 

The trio will play to a sold out crowd in Wollongong this January at Yours and Owls Festival. Listen to Fashion Model Art below!


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