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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Melbourne dream pop/shoegaze duo GRAZER have dropped a double A-side single, Without You / Vision. Built upon floating guitar rhythms, synths and layered vocals, the release offers up two contrasting sonic cuts.

Speaking of the release, GRAZER share: "To me, Without You is about loving someone, but knowing that they could leave at any time. It's blissful in the moment, but there is always a lingering emptiness - the thought of life without the other. The last line 'You'll know what it's like to be without you' is an attempt to show one's lover the unbearable pain of their absence. Vision is the naive foresight of where you want a relationship to go. It recalls our early romance in London, optimistic and innocent."

The release serves as the second taste of the duos forthcoming album following the release of Nostalgia Seed earlier this year.

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