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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The rapper has also shared his new EP, A Vibe Called West Vol. 3.

Image: Kevin Doyle.

LA-based rapper GRANDVIEW has shared his new single, Everything You've Seen. The track is taken from the musicians fresh new EP, A Vibe Called West Vol. 3, which drops today!

Built upon a pulsating beat and and groove-inducing production, bringing sun-drenched sonics that's perfect for cruising down the coast or hitting the dance floor. GRANDVIEW's magnetic flow is paired with euphoric vocal lines, as the track explores sharing following your own path in life, and putting all your energy into achieving your goals - be that within your career or relationship. The track arrives alongside an official visual, that follows the musician as he traverses a beach whilst cut-in shots bounce around the screen, reminiscent of early 2000's computer screensavers.

“My entire mindset when making A Vibe Called West Vol. 3 was, ‘what if this was the last project I was able to make,’” says GRANDVIEW. “After all my training, how great could I make each song? What would I want to communicate to the listener? What would I want to leave the listener feeling like after they listened to it? If this was the last project that I had the luxury of bringing to life, how would I want to end it? There is such an obvious hunger and almost desperation to succeed in each of the songs of this project." the rapper shares of the EP.

"The EP sums up my journey in a way that only hip hop and music could. I view it as the prologue to my music career as GRANDVIEW. Every story has a prologue or a period where the hero is becoming who he needs to be to succeed in his story, and I can safely say that these 3 projects were that stage for me.”

To celebrate the release,GRANDVIEW is set to take to the stage at The Venice West on November 17, supporting Joey Purp. Tickets are on sale now!

A Vibe Called West Vol. 3 is out now!


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