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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Happy Slides is out now!

Image: Dylan Martin.

Auckland-based four-piece, Daily J have dropped their new single, Happy Slides. To celebrate the release, they have shared with MILKY five facts about the band that they want everyone to know.

“This song has been in the pipeline for some time - just an idea lingering. Our last tour kept us away from home longer than ever before,” says band member Jayden Paul. “During that stretch Jay penned another tune reflecting on our journey. In the back of his mind he knew it would perfectly complement ‘Happy Slides’. Combining both melodies, Happy Slides was born.”


We are working on a new Album this year! It’s going to be our biggest & best Album yet (& we’re not just saying that).


We’re an Independent Band made up of three brothers from little ol’ Blenheim in NZ: Jay, Jesse and Jonny - hence the name (Daily J)! We later met Rick (Jick), then moved up to Auckland together to pursue our Musical career. 


Our name tends to spark a common question / theme with us, you can probably guess what! It’s kinda fun to play along with..


We have been mistaken for an Ozzy band quite a few times.. a bit like Split Enz maybe. We don’t mind as it’s become a kind of second home (might be permanent one day). Could we be the next Pavlova debate?? 


We are Kiwis so we are a little Rugby / sport crazy people! We have a great rivalry within the band with Rugby games between the Blues (Auckland) & Crusaders (Canterbury) which is always fun. We also love anything coastal or in nature being from NZ. We have the most beautiful untouched beaches and scenery here and it definitely inspires a lot of our Music.

Happy Slides is out now!


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