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Call My Name is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Melbourne based singer/songwriter Blush'ko has dropped his new single, Call My Name. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five things he thinks everyone should know about him.

“I really wanted this song to be a moody piece in 6/8 and take you on a personal journey that helps you know that it's okay to be insecure in yourself.. and that you don't need someone to find you and make you feel the way you are supposed to. Just having yourself is enough” Blush'ko shares of the track.

“I am really excited for this upcoming 12 months, Call My Name is the calm before the storm moment. The little sit down before the big dance kind of vibe, I have loved this project and the people around it and I am excited to show you where it goes”


I can do the splits, no problemmmmm… One day I was playing soccer with some buddies and I rolled my ankle.. So instead of hopping off, I just went in goals (because there is generally nothing worse than un-even teams). Now! Because of my super competitive nature.. even with an injury, I still attempted to save every shot that came at me. One of those shots happened to be low and fast heading into the bottom left hand corner, so as I reached over to save it with my foot, I slipped! (Because it was a wet field) resulting in the ball getting stuck under my foot and me in a complete split position. My first reaction was pain (because I just expected it to hurt) but after 3 seconds I was like “Hey! This doesn’t hurt at all, in fact it is super comfortable. So now it has become my party trick and it is accompanied by a lot of other flexible sharing moments haha


My love for sport is greater than my love for music.. I know that is strange. But I genuinely enjoy playing sports more than I do creating music. I am also a much better soccer player than I am a singer, so can you imagine how good I am at soccer? Haha.. I can hit moving targets quite easily and thoroughly enjoy kicking balls at people haha (not hard of course)


Probably my biggest non-musical achievement to date. In my peak FIFA playing days in the years between 2004 to 2019 haha I played against the 4th ranked player in Australia and NZ and I beat him down 5-0.. I was AC Milan and he was Barcelona and it was on FIFA 2007.. Safe to say I walked out feeling pretty spot on about myself and my FIFA playing abilities haha


I looooovveeee to cook… it all started with my desire to eat haha.. And then watching my mum make some of her dishes, I really wanted to explore that side of things.. So one day if you’re lucky you could catch me making tunes and a lasagna haha


English is actually my second language, so I still translate things from Macedonian first.. Sometimes I forget the simplest of words, like towel or blanket because I forget what they are and they sound better in Macedonian haha.. I also think I’ve fused a lot of the old story telling ways into my music because it translates so well, which is why I find story telling and song writing comes quite naturally and easy to me. A lot of my friends now always slide in Macedonian words because I just say them, so frequently that they have picked it up and use it in their day to day speech haha.

Call My Name is out now!


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