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Listen to the track below!

Image: Dom Gould / Made In Katan.

Brisbane singer-songwriter Georgia Mae has shared her new single High, the latest offering from the singers forthcoming debut EP, GIGI AND THE DRAGONFLY, due out this April.

The love song explores the dizzying heights of new love, laced with euphoric melodies. Bringing introspective lyricism to the track, High exists within a textural sonic realm, with Mae's dynamic vocal performance meandering between hushed vocal tones and soaring notes.

Speaking of the track, the singer shares: "Even though this song is about my ex, when I wrote it I was very much in love with him and wanted to celebrate my relationship with someone who I thought was good for me. It represents a new chapter for me, recognising “I was addicted to the bad” but was now with someone who wasn’t that. I wanted to make a song about a ‘normal’ love that was also euphoric, like being “high”, as I used to have this unconscious belief that ‘normal’ and ‘euphoric’ were impossible partners."

Featuring the singles Gentle and Emma, the EP documents the singers own life story after years of working on other musical projects. Having been nominated for ‘Most Promising Female Songwriter’ and ‘Best Female Pop Artist’ at the Queensland Music Awards in 2016, Maesoon relocated to Los Angeles, where she landed a role as a writer and recording artist on television shows including Keeping Up With The Kardashians. From there, she found herself in San Francisco working in sound design at Skywalker Sound and Warner Bros. Studios.

GIGI AND THE DRAGONFLY is out April 8. Listen to High below!


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