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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos



Image: Amy Heycock

After making their return last month with the first taste of new music since their acclaimed 2017 ARIA Platinum-selling sophomore album Go Farther In Lightness, Gang Of Youths have surprised fans with the release of their new EP, total serene. Conceptually navigating the emotions and bright light of newfound love, whilst ushering in the bands next sonic chapter.

Opening with the hypnotic the angel of 8th ave, we're met with conversational lyricism from Dave Le’aupepe, marking a shift in lyrical approach off the bat in this new era of the band. Poetic yet intense, the track is inspired by the night Le’aupepe met his wife, capturing the feeling of finding new love that sparks differently from the rest. We instantly shift gears, with the bands delicate cover Elbow's classic, asleep in the back. The cover choice fits in perfectly with the poetic lyricism and conceptual nature of the EP, continuing the theme of new love set to an ambient soundscape that creates vulnerability.

unison serves as the final thread woven within the EP's overall nature, celebrating the salvation of love and the lasting effect and impact a bright new love can imprint. The organic track swells to a moving final chorus, with banjo laced throughout and joyous brass bringing you to your feet. Featuring samples of David Fanshawe’s influential documentation of indigenous Pacific music, the track is pure rock'n' roll euphoria, feeling like a reminiscent amalgamation of your favourite U2 and Coldplay tracks.

total serene is the perfect teaser for what's to come from Gang of Youths. There's an invigorating rush to the release, with the five-piece continuing the momentum of their previous offerings, whilst challenge themselves musically and pushing the boundaries of their sound.

4/5 stars.

total serene is out now!


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