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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Set Mo below!

Australian electronic duo Set Mo have unveiled their hotly-anticipated sophomore studio album, Flux. We caught up with the duo to chat about the release, the evolution of their artistry, live show plans and so much more!

Continuing to propel themselves to the forefront of Australia's electronic scene, Set Mo's latest offering pushes the boundaries of their established sound, producing a body of work that brings together atmospheric sonics and palpitating soundscapes. The duo effortlessly dart between dance-floor bangers and contemplative cuts that showcases the breadth of their artistry. Laced with slinky synth work, punctuated percussion and driving rhythms, the duo dove into working on Flux with a set of constraints around their creative process, opting to implement only three synths across the body of work: a Moog and two FANTOM's.

The pair also set out to create a more conceptual record with their sophomore body of work, with a particular focus on the fluctuation of life. Inspired by change within their own career and personal lives, cathartic and introspective lyricism flows throughout the body of work, further brought to life by guest vocalists Sumner, Jess Kent and Camp 8. The musical project of Stu Turner and Nick Drabble, Set Mo's latest outing is a masterclass in considered and curated production that fuels it's themes and concepts in a manner that intimately weaves both elements together to create an engaging and mesmerising listening experience.

Flux is out now!


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