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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Sydney four-piece Flight To Dubai tore the roof off The Lansdowne last night, on the Sydney leg of their NSW tour

Image: Marcella Ho

Earlier this year, Sydney rockers Flight To Dubai were set to embark on a national tour on the back of the release of their single, Firefighter Lady. Only days before the first performance was scheduled to take place, the entire tour was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The cancellation and world wide halt also saw the band postpone the release of their latest EP, Strife.

Now, almost seven months later, the band have made their return to the stage! Kicking off a NSW last week, the band took to Sydney's iconic The Lansdowne stage. From the minute they stepped on stage, the band captivated their audience whilst playing through their catalogue of stellar tracks. The four-piece performed a tight set, with each musician bringing their own flair to the performance, but never over powering one another. Known for their high energy and passionate live shows, Flight To Dubai did not disappoint!

Expertly showcasing their musicianship across the hour long set, frontman Atlas Abell gave a phenomenal vocal performance. His unique tone and phrasing cut through the room, commanding the attention of the audience. In between songs, Abell's back and forth with the crowd created a warm and inviting environment, connecting with the audience. He even treated there crowd by improvising a rap for them. At one point, he even lost his gum and asked the audience if anyone should find it, to please return it to him. Lead guitarist, Wayland Harty, is a master of the guitar and performance. Dressed in a plaid shirt and cut-off denim shorts, the musicians stage presence was reminiscent of the legendary Angus Young from AC/DC.

The night was old school southern rock 'n' roll, seasoned with some blues cheekiness. Abell's rapport with the audience brought a fun and entertaining aspect to the show, making the performance feel more intimate and like a group of friends hanging out. During the encore, the band previewed a new unreleased song for the crowd, leaving them thirsty for more.

Images: Marcella Ho


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