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Free is out now!

Image: Norrel Blair.

American singer-songwriter, Dawson Fuss has shared the visual for his new single, Free. To celebrate the release, the singer has shared with us five times he's felt free!

Having starred in local theatre productions since the age of five, Fuss has honed in on his sonic sound, exploring a variety of musical avenues. His new single Free is a celebration of self-love and accepting your own identity, sharing his own story through introspective lyricism.

Without further adieu, here's 5 Times Dawson Fuss felt free...


My sexuality was something I had always struggled with, contemplated about, and was something I tried to convince myself wasn’t true. After realizing that I couldn’t experience true joy while simultaneously trying to hide a part of my identity, I decided to relieve the weight off of my shoulders and come out to my family. They had always been open and accepting of people of all identities, but I still worried they wouldn’t be as accepting when it was their own son. Thankfully my fears were put to rest when they embraced me with open arms:) It felt so freeing to know that I had the most unconditional love from my parents.


About a year ago, my friend, who is also an artist, took me on a night drive to share the music she was about to release. I had never gone on a night drive, let alone drove without a parent present, so it was my first real taste of freedom. It was my realization that there was so much more in life than the four claustrophobic walls of my bedroom.


In February of 2020, I was lucky enough to be a top ten finalist in a local singing competition, Teen Star. I made it to the top three and had the chance to sing the second song I’ve ever written called Real Boys Don’t Cry which will be on my debut EP edge of adolescence coming out on November 10th, and it was the first time I sang an original tune publicly. Singing that song was such an out-of-body experience because while singing, I realized how crazy it was that I was singing a song that nobody else has ever sung before. Every time I sing my original music is amazing, but that moment was especially profound.


Every year, during the second week of school, each grade goes on a camping trip, increasing in difficulty each year. Being an artist, I’m not the most physically inclined, so it wasn’t something I particularly looked forward to, and I may or may not have considered breaking a bone to get out of it. Against my wishes, I went, and my preconceived beliefs were completely drowned by my disbelief. Walking through an oil-painted landscape with birds chirping, twigs crunching under my hiking boots, and water rushing parallel to our trail, I realized how much I took the beauty of nature for granted. As we set up camp at the top of a mountain and slid into our sleeping bags, I looked up. Stars sprinkled the endless sky while the whistling wind mingled the pine leaves, leaving my eyes wide open, in awe of something I had viewed every night, but never truly seen. Knowing that I live on a planet with such a tranquil personality brought me so much peace and freedom.


The writing session for “Free” was one of the most cathartic experiences of my life. Being able to channel past trauma of suppressing self-identity into a structured format really helped me to process what I had gone through, and realize how much stronger of a person I am now because of it. I think it translated into a very intimate, personal, yet universal song that can speak to people of all identities and backgrounds.

Free is out now! Watch the visual below.


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