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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The Appointments' new single Sweet Life is out now!

Image: James Rooker

Newcastle four-piece The Appointments have dropped their smooth new track, Sweet Life. To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY five things they find makes life a little sweeter!

Written, recorded and mixed by the band, The Appointments edge away from their indie-pop realm, weaving threads of funk and reggae within the mesmerising track. Sweet Life is built upon the smoothest grooves you'll find in Newcastle, with frontman Rhys Love's silky vocals simmering above nostalgic sonics that will have you grooving along whether from your lockdown dance floor.

Speaking of the track, the band share: "Sweet Life is an up beat, sun-drenched track, baked in the nostalgia what we were all missing during the March 2020 lockdowns. There's only a coincidence that this track will finally see the light of day at the moment, during more COVID lock downs."

To celebrate the release, the four-piece will be taking to the stage tonight for a sold-out hometown performance at Newcastle's the The Cambridge. The group will be joined by Slapjack & Saylor and the Flavor.

Without further adieu, here are five things The Appointments find makes life a little sweeter...


The lifeblood of this band. The sweet, dark nectar of the heavens, bestowed upon us by some fortuitous miracle of nature and science, where romance meets alchemy, and the mind greets the day. Seriously though, is there anything better than finding an unreal espresso being poured in some unassuming or far out location? I’m sure you don’t need any further convincing after this, grab that cup of go-go juice and listen to ‘Sweet Life’ to kickstart your day the right way.


When I’m waiting for an Uber I always feel a sense of nervousness about whether or not the next 5-30 minutes is going to be spent in silent awkwardness after a poor attempt at starting a conversation. On the flip side you can meet some real characters and hear some great stories. One time a guy sang Rhys and Elia traditional Indian folk song about a guy who loses the love of his life and never gets her back. It was only a 10 minute trip.


Or just cereal in general, preferably after dinner. Why? Because that’s where it belongs. Those little cereal boxes are pure joy. The weird saloon-door-type opening with the mini cereal bag so you can eat out of the box? Genius. Innocence manifested. Fruit Loops are pure joy, even Frosties Coco pops... Sure, we all have that one mate that thinks special K is that go, and the world needs those people. But for the rest of us, it’s that sugary hit of nostalgia… I wonder if people will start bringing cereal boxes to our shows after this?


There are few things in life that can flip a bad mood or reach out and touch your soul like reggae can. Just got dumped via text? Prescription: Reggae music. Someone totalled your car on your way to that job interview? Prescription: reggae music. Needing to feel understood? Prescription: reggae music. Stressed? Prescription: you guessed it, reggae music. In all seriousness, there is such a wealth of genius awaiting those unfamiliar with the work of Toots & the Maytals, Peter Tosh and Steel Pulse to name a few. Hopefully this can be the catalyst for someone to dig a little deeper into a form of music that has given so much to us.


There is a Betoota Advocate joke about young guys from small coastal cities referring to their hometown as ‘god’s country’, and the shoe well and truly fits here. There is a raw beauty to the sandstone and coastline around here, and the solitude of the bush is incredible. We have only been playing live now for 4 months or so, and the support has been humbling, from family, and friends, old and new. There is a genuine love of live music in this city at the moment with people trying to organise shows all over the place, despite knowing they will get cancelled here and there. It’s a beautiful thing to be apart of. There are a few cities that you can surf before work and play music all afternoon in the suburbs. But the small-town jokes are true…its’s a little-known fact that we all, at one point or another, have lived in the house that we still write, record and jam at. It’s unreal.

Sweet Life is out now! Listen to the track below.


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