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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Rhy's new single, I Just Don't Get It, is out now!

Image: Supplied.

To celebrate the release of his brand new single tongue-in-cheek single I Just Don't Get It, we asked Perth producer and songwriter Rhy to throw us five things that he just doesn't get! Take a look at what perplexes the musician, and let us know if you have the answers...

I tend to zone out in social contexts more than I’d like to - here’s a few things I just don’t get but I’ll likely think about when I should probably be paying attention to my surroundings.

Where did potato smiles go and why?

Here for my childhood and gone when I need them the most - typical. One day I was left without Smiles on a Saturday arvo and no one had the courtesy to tell me why. I actually just did a quick google search and was pretty insulted to find out that McCain’s made a weak effort to bring them back with something called Emotibites. Ah McMcaine, the damage has already been done.

Why isn’t fairy bread at every party?

This thought tends to occupy my headspace at just about every party void of fairy bread, which is just about every party since I turned 10 for no reason whatsoever. I’ve thrown one party in my lifetime and you bloody bet it had fairy bread. Why? Because it literally is the best thing since sliced bread. Just add butter with a generous sprinkle of hundreds & thousands and every guest is guaranteed their very own Ratatouille moment.

Why can I dream the coolest things and remember none of it?

People tell me about their cool dreams all the time; I then go to tell them about the cool dream I had that night and remember that I actually don’t know what I dreamt that night. I know it was cool - it was really cool - I just don’t know why. By this point you’ve lost me as I attempt to pick up the pieces of whatever the cool dream I had that night was.

Why do I have zero confidence talking to teenagers?

I’m literally, barely two years off being a teenager myself, but oh how quickly I felt my relevance slipping from my grasp the minute I left high school. I shrivel up talking to practically anybody younger than me, and it doesn’t even matter if their peers would consider them the epitome of cool or not - social hierarchy has nothing to do with it. I like to imagine that teenage me would find adult me kinda cool, right? Why is it so hard for me to just act like it?

Why don’t we still use fax machines?

This question has plagued my mind to absolutely no end, and continues to do so every minute of my existence from the moment I wake to when my weary eyes drift slowly into restless slumber. Legit. If for some reason you don’t get it, let me enlighten you as to what a fax machine does: a fax machine takes documents in one location and prints them out in another. Like texting, or snapchat, but infinitely more exciting. Why are all these losers still sending me Whatsapp requests when one of mankind’s greatest inventions is sitting (or making obnoxious beeping noises) right under their noses.


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