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  • Katerina Papathanasopoulos


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Image: Ali Hazelwood.

The latest offering from author Ali Hazelwood will warm your nostalgic heart. 

Bride is a Romeo and Juliet retelling but with vampires and warewolves. Hazelwood presents us with a well thought out, well structured story that forms the shape of a film in your mind fuelled by vivid, detailed descriptions that explore fantasy realms - leaving you wanting more. Bride is a great novel to dip your toes into the supernatural genre, and Hazelwood shows she can bring that brilliant mind of hers into a genre outside of what we’ve come to expect from her. 

Known for her romance novels, Hazelwood has ventured into the young adult sphere with her book Check & Mate, released in 2023, and has followed it up with Bride - adding another strong branch on her ever growing tree of accomplishments. Bride has opened a new chapter for the popular author and this reader too. Having also recently read Check & Mate, I find Hazelwood to be a very evocative storyteller. The best thing about reading books is when you can envision the story playing out like a movie in your mind. It is a fun read that will leave you contemplating scenes for days. Note: Listening to the Twilight soundtracks whilst reading hits hard and just enhances the experience. 

“BRIDE is the fated mates, arranged marriage, forbidden love story of my heart (loins??)” -Ali Hazelwood, Instagram

Ali Hazelwood's Bride is available now via Hachette Australia.


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