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Listen to the release below!

Image: Jimmy Fontaine

Moroccan-Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Faouzia has dropped her debut project, CITIZENS.

Across the body of work, we're treated to eight bangers, laced with both powerful and vulnerable moments from the singer. Faouzia's inimitable vocals soar above pop-based soundscapes, infused with Moroccan and Arabic influences to create a textual genre-bending sonic exploration. The body of work features the singers recently released collaboration with John Legend, Minefields, as well as RIP Love and her new single, Anybody Else. Faouzia took on production duties on Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty, an anthemic cut laced with intimate lyricism.

“After years of waiting for this moment, I can finally share my first body of work with everyone who has been following this journey from the start,” Faouzia shares. “CITIZENS has been a true labor of love; a collection of music that best represents the path we've taken on this journey together, and a taste of what lies ahead. Each of these songs holds a special place in my heart for a different reason, but hearing the meaning that they take on for others is what really makes this all exciting. I can't wait to be back on stage later this year and sing these songs with all of you!”

Having released her debut independent single at the age of 15, Faouzia has over 1 million worldwide streams under her belt and has collaborated with the likes of David Guetta, GRAMMY® Award-winning global superstar Kelly Clarkson, Galantis and Ninho.

CITIZENS is out now!


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