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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied

Brisbane pop artist Elle Músa has shared two new tracks in the form of a double A-side, Geminis / Merman.

On Geminis, the singer threads nostalgic sounds whilst exploring feelings of love and the intense powerful energy that accompanies the emotion. Of the song, the singer shares: “My mum, my partner and a number of my best friends are Geminis. The song is about the love I have for these people in my life and how I feel more vibrant and happy when I am with them. I hope that when people listen to this song they feel that sense of love they have for their own Family and friends and can feel moved by the heartfelt lyrics and melodies.” The track is driven by vibrant lyricism and melodies, whilst Merman takes on a more conceptual approach to songwriting.

Merman takes on the mysteries of the ocean, focusing on the mythologies of oceanic life. “I remember writing this one morning after waking up to a perfect view of the sea. As I was thinking about the mysteries of the ocean, Mermaids and Merman came into my mind and I started to sing about the many dreams I have had about tidal waves and mystical creatures. I question whether my boyfriend and I were in past lives together and if we both ran from the huge tidal waves that changed the Earth. When Geoffrey Roberts (Edward R.) came to record this song he really took it to an amazing level with his guitar. As soon as it begins I feel like I am right by the sea, swimming and surfing all day with my lover.”

Alongside the release, Músa has shared a visual for Geminis. Directed by Claudia Smith, the video was filmed in Sydney last year.We went to a couple of different beaches and just let it flowMusa adds.

Geminis / Merman is out now! Watch the music video for Geminis below.


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