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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied

Melbourne singer-songwriter Eliott has shared her breathtaking new song, Home.

On the track, Eliott goes from strength to strength with her powerful and emotion-stirring vocal performance, as well as her lyrical mastery. The song came to be when the singer returned to Australia after months of touring and writing sessions around the world. That time away incited feelings of longing for her home and her family, feelings which ultimately became the conceptual standpoint of the track. Perfectly putting those emotions into words, the singer gives a phenomenal vocal performance, reaching soaring heights towards the end of the track atop a nostalgic soundscape.

Written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the timely release takes on a new life, becoming an ode to people who are separated from their loved ones and unable to return home due to restrictions. I think there are so many people at the moment who are away from their home, and haven’t seen their family in months,” Eliott reflects. “I think it’ll really connect with people because of that, but I also hope it makes people take a step back and reflect on the special times they’ve had with their families and really appreciate it.”

Directed by Tim Nathan, the tracks accompanying music video depicts members of the singers family listening to the song for the first time. Capturing the raw emotion of each individual, there is a heartwarming and beautiful quality to the poignant music video with Nathan perfectly capturing the warm and homely qualities represented on the track. Watching the singers family react to the verses about them gives viewers an intimate look into emotional value of Home. Reflecting on the production, Eliott shared: "There’s a moment when my mother breaks down into tears, listening to me sing about my relationship with my father and siblings, and how very much my mum keeps it all together."

Having stepped on the scene only a few short years ago, the 23-year old has proven herself as one of Australia’s brightest emerging talents. She has toured the nation, supporting the likes of Matt Corby and Dean Lewis, and also supported Paul Kelly for YouTube’s Music Session. After a string of single releases, Eliott released her debut EP Bold Enough, reaching over 10 million streams globally. The singer has also featured on a number of hits including Kite String Tangle’s Killing Time, Lucian Blomkamp's Doing This For You, and served as a as co-writer on Montaigne's track, Ready.

Home is out now.


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