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Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied.

Singer-songwriter and producer Dylan Pinkerton has dropped his new single, One That You Love. Opening with euphoric production, the electro-pop dance track explores a deep love that transcends beyond a surface level attraction. Luring production unfurls beneath Pinkerton's assertive vocals, building towards a euphoric chorus that will have you singing and dancing along.

Speaking of the track, the musician shares: "One That You Love is about seeing through someone and realising they are more than flesh and blood, that they have a beauty that extends beyond our physical world. It’s the existential question of, are we more than these bodies, and are our souls intertwined into something so divine that even the gods would sing songs of our love."

Having made his debut in 2020 with Thrill Of The Fall, Pinkerton has followed it up with a string of singles leading to One That You Love. Throughout his career, the musician has toured across Australia and North America, and taken to the stage at local staple festivals including Bluesfest and Splendour in the Grass.

One That You Love is out now!


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