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Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied.

Brisbane-based artist Drew Russell has unveiled his new single, Deliverance. Self-produced, mixed and mastered by the musician, the track serves as the first taste of new music from Russell this year.

Opening with a striking country-fuelled intro, captivating finger-plucked banjo work capture your attention as Russell weaves a compelling soundscape between his impassioned vocal performance. Hand clapping and driving percussion lead us deeper into the musicians country-meets-folk sonic realm, delivering a masterclass in fusing together both genres in an organic presentation. The songs fast-paced rhythm creates an exhilarating listening experience, transporting you back to speed chases during the gold rush and the wild country west.

Across the dynamic track, Russell's commanding vocals take centre stage, simmering above the tracks blistering soundscape. He explores themes of social unrest and the human experience within a contemporary context, brought to life with biting and urgent lyricism. Having launched his career mid-last year with Sunny Street, the musician has followed his debut with a string of engaging singles leading straight to Deliverance.

"The song contains themes alluding to Social Unrest and the Human Psyche. More directly though, lyrics such as “Stop turning on ourselves and take the fight to those who yell” is a call to action against tyranny and those that wish to divide us." the musician shares of the track. He adds the song was inspired by the 1972 American film of the same name, and that "Brit rocker Jake Bugg and Country artist Luke Bryan were also pivotal influences that brought out the rockier side"

Deliverance is out now!


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