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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the song below!

Image: Adam Alonzo.

Nashville singer-songwriter Dreamer Boy has unveiled his new single, Hues. Laced with reflective lyricism that dissects the emotional state post-breakup, the intimate track brings together organic and electric instrumentation to create a mesmerising soundscape that swells beneath the musicians captivating vocals.

"Seeing your world change around you, being in and out of love, and seeing the good and bad from the person you are with is what HUES is about,” says Dreamer Boy. “The actual idea of the walls changing colors as you are magnetically connected to a person but seeing how the good may be slipping away. This song represents the push and pull of that relationship, even after feeling used, and only being there for them, you end up back at their place falling into their world again.”

Arriving on Earth Day to reflect the global communal spirit he feels with people and our shared environment, Dreamer Boy's sophomore album All The Ways We Are Together documents love and meaningful relationships, but also the effects that we as humans have on the world. Sonically, the hazy and sentimental body of work defies genre, traversing alt-pop,R&B, funk, dream folk and more, creating a unique listening experience. The musician is currently touring alongside recent collaborator, New Zealand’s platinum sensation BENEE.

HUES is out now! Read our interview with Dreamer Boy here.


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