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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


His new album Sunset Suburbia is out next week!

Image: Supplied

Australian rock, soul and blues legend Diesel is making his return with his new album Sunset Suburbia. The singer has shared a new track from the album, Come Back.

The emotional track premiered the song on Sunday night during ABC’S The Sound. On the song, Diesel expertly exhibits his raw vocal talent.

Sunset Suburbia is the musicians first album since 2016’s Americana. The 10-track release is set to exhibit the musicians vocal abilities, songwriting and self-taught production skills. The album will also showcase the singers multi-instrumentalist musicianship.

Of the album, Diesel said: “It’s all of my life’s work so far brought to fruition, in many ways. It’s pretty encompassing”. He continued “Stylistically,it’s got the R&B DNA in it that’s very me.”

The musician will launch the album with a live performance at Lizotte’s on Saturday 29 August. Fans can purchase tickets to the limited capacity show here. For those who can’t attend, the performance will be streamed online.

Sunset Suburbia is out August 28. Listen to Come Back below!


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